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Dating someone with seasonal depression

Instead of reacting to each other and the "tone" you may hear, use some empathy and understanding, whereby you say, "Did you have a hard day? " In this way, you can acknowledge each other in a caring and thoughtful way and sidestep getting into fights.

This will definitely go a long way to ensure you enjoy each other as well as autumn!

I feel more down in the fall and it seems to be affecting my relationship.

Everyone's more moody, and we seem to fight a lot more.

Summer is also the time when folks plan their vacations.

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“Based on the literature, [light therapy] is a very effective treatment,” says Dr. However, since the FDA does not regulate light boxes, she recommends consumers pursue light therapy under the supervision of a professional. It’s common knowledge that too much of the sugary stuff will make us gain weight and puts us at risk for developing diabetes and certain cancers.

“It takes some trial and error to get it just right,” she says, emphasizing that timing, positioning and potential side effects should all be discussed with an expert before you begin treatment. And research shows that sugar has a sour effect on mental health, too.

And for those seeking a quick fix: Studies show that light therapy can spur a mood lift in just several days.

“If you know that you get less joyous in winter months, you have to start a preventative approach.” After all, you prepare your home, car, garden and other things for the seasonal change, so why not your body? Kalayjian suggests evaluating the severity of your symptoms (energy level, appetite, desire to be social) and then exploring forms of treatment. Kalayjian, winter blues will be worst in the mornings when you’re rousing yourself from bed. “The most helpful thing is to try to keep up everyday activities,” says Dr. Once daylight savings time occurs, don’t neglect your favorite hobbies just because winter spurs an impulse to hibernate. During a killer gym session, the brain works hard to override the temporary feelings of discomfort by telling the body to keep pushing.

Fortunately, there are several easy ways to boost your mood if you’re experiencing an energy dip this winter. She tells clients to open curtains as much as possible to get exposure to natural light right when the body is waking up. You’ll feel better knowing you’re still making it to your weekly book club, basketball game or brunch with friends. You’ll naturally release endorphins, which will make you feel happier and even euphoric.

A: Is there really anything to seasonal affective symptoms for relationships and B: how do I enjoy autumn with my honey?

While some people love the fall and the changing of the season, there are in fact a lot of people who experience it as a loss—one that is heightened by the trees losing all their leaves.

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If you are aware of fall having an impact on your feelings, you can navigate through it so as to avoid arguing and fighting with your honey. Take the time to look at all the things that now need to get done (driving kids to school etc.) and work out a plan to share the load and work as a team to accomplish everything on your agenda.

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